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What are ISO Standards?

The  International Organization for Standardization (ISO) publishes standards for organisations to manage areas such as Information Security, Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, and Business Continuity. 

Once implemented, organisations can engage a certification body to certify the management system(s). 

Certification demonstrates to customers and other interested parties that the management system meets recognised international standards.

Who needs ISO certification?

Usually, organisations decide for themselves whether they require ISO certification to one or multiple standards. 

In many instances, organisations may find that having certification to and ISO standard will provide assurance to customers that their management system(s) meet internationally recognised standards. 

Some government and private organisations’ procurement processes require the successful bidder to have accredited certification to ISO standards.

ISO Certification FAQ’s

How do I become ISO certified?

The first steps to getting your management system certified involve developing and implementing the requirements of the standard for which certification is sought. 

This may include developing a policy, processes for overseeing the delivery of services and goods according to the relevant standard, running your organisation in line with these processes, measuring the performance of the management system, auditing the system and taking steps to continually improve it. 

When the system has been operational for a period of time, usually 3 months, you can engage a Certification Body to audit the system.  If it is found to meet requirements, the Certification Body will certify your management system to the relevant standard.

How much does ISO certification cost?

The cost of developing, implementing and obtaining certification to ISO standards is dependent on multiple factors including the type of standard, the number of standards, and the status or readiness of the system(s) to be certified verus the amount of work to be done to make the system(s) ready for certification. 

In addition to our consultancy fees, your Certification Body will quote you for the cost of certifying the management system(s).  Contact Emlyn to discuss costs for getting ISO certified.

Can you certify our system?

I provide consultancy services to help you prepare for certification.  I don’t provide certification services. 

My advice for getting certified is to speak to a certification body who will be happy to quote for certification fees. 

When looking for a Certification Body, you should make sure they are accredited by INAB or other national accreditation service.  I can advise you regarding your search for accredited Certification Bodies.

Is ISO mandatory?

No, ISO certification is not mandatory for the majority of organisations, but there are a number of reasons why it makes good sense to be ISO certified. 

These include providing confidence to customers that you manage your business in line with internationally recognised standards, reducing risks to your business and improving your processes, and satisfying certification-requirements for tenders .

What are the most popular ISO standards?

The most popular ISO standard for management systems certification is ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems. 

Other popular standards include ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. 

In more recent years, ISO 27001: Information Security Management Systems has become more popular and is likely to continue to grow in popularity given the increase in cyber security threats on the internet and elsewhere.